Image of Dottie Kirby

Dottie Kirby


Dottie is a National Award winning hair colorist and Master Stylist, and is very well known in the Maryland area having previously owned two salons.  Dottie studied under Jon Guenter Int'l Hair Color Specialist in New York City.  Dottie was an advisor for a major hair color company who referred clients to Dottie for corrective color and services.

Dottie loves working with her favorite, loyal clients and is always excited to meet new clients.

After a session with Dottie, clients comment that they trust her because she listens very well, hears exactly what the clients wants to create the perfect look.  Dottie enjoys creating looks that her clients can duplicate.  Dottie has specialized training in razor cuts, and explains that razor cuts texturize the hair, allowing it to move freely.  Dottie also works wonders with wavy and curly hair, and excels in enhancing graying hair.

Dottie was past Charter President of Anne Arundel County Cosmetologists Association, and founder of AACO "Corps of Beauty Angels" which catered to shut-ins. Dottie looks forward to working with the new clients that are ready to take the next step to enhance their look.